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The Story of Kentucky House Bill 263

Filed on January 29th, by Representative Richard Heath during this year’s general session, this new law took effect on July 14, 2018. The bill changed Kentucky cottage food law to classify home-based processors as an person who “produces or processes whole fruit and vegetables, mixed-greens, jams, jellies, sweet sorghum syrups, preserves, fruit butter, bread, fruit pies, cakes, or cookies” our of his or her home.

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If You Need Funding for Your Business, DO THIS FIRST.

Why is it that most businesses (even ones with business plans) don’t get the funding they need? They are missing a crucial ingredient: Solid Market Research
Before financing any business endeavor, whether you’re considering opening a business, launching a new product, adding a location or buying assets, market research and validation is key to your project’s success. Market research involves finding out everything you can about your proposed business and product/service, the industry and your target market.

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How B Corps Are Changing the World...and the World of Business

You've probably heard of the new kind of corporation that's using business as a force for good. NPR, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune, the Atlantic Monthly and many other major media outlets have covered these Benefit (B) Corporations.

Yet, even with all of the media coverage, many consumers and even investors still wonder what sets B Corps apart from other businesses, how much difference B Corps make and whether it's possible to make a profit while doing what's right.

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Business Taxes: What You DON'T Know Could Cost You.

Owning a business is a constant state of flux.   There are changes within the industry, the economy, the laws, and many other facets of business that can either help a business to succeed or cause it to fail. 

One thing for sure is that if a business owner fails to remain informed so that he or she can manage these changes, he or she could endure some hefty penalties. 

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